Tim Schmidt

"Diamond Day" published on August 09, 2011 by marcus

Actually I can’t remember how we got in contact with Tim Schmidt. The only thing I know is that I saw one or two of his shows before. And back then when I was sitting in my chair at ‘Wärmehalle Süd’ and listening to the Swedish guy with the German name, I thought: ‘In case I ever produce an audio book, I will need the voice of this man.’ So far I didn’t become a producer for audio books but of course we wanted him for a Musikmob session.
We met up with Tim in an afternoon in spring 2010. It was still pretty cold outside, so we decided to find a spot somewhere inside. In the end we filmed in an old stairwell. It wasn’t really warmer in there but the beautiful wooden stairs made us feel like it was. And putting my shoes off while filming, didn’t prevent the stairs from creaking and singing with Tim in their own beautiful way.

After ‘The Doc Foster Band’ this is the second artist from the ‘Thanks for the Postcard’ family. The song ‘Diamond Day’ is part of Tim Schmidt’s latest release ‘YaYa River’.