The Black Atlantic

"Dandelion" & "I Shall Cross This River" published on December 13, 2009 by Musikmob


This time we had tried to be a bit more organized than usually... We had already contacted the Black Atlantic, a group of really great and passionate musicians from Groningen, Netherlands, weeks before and fixed the exact date of shooting – about three hours one afternoon, right before a concert they were about to play later that day. So the time frame was rather tight and we didn’t want to be the guys who were responsible for any kind of problems before or even during their live-performance in the Nato. Understandably we had already picked out not only one but more like three or four different locations, so that in case of any incident alternatives were not too far away. But fortunately the first place we had chosen – a abandoned house right at the Südplatz – already was the perfect spot with some great acoustics.

So after shooting our material we actually had a dozens of time left and decided to get some lunch. It turned out that the place we had chosen for our refreshment did have a piano, so our four musicians took advantage of the situation and gave a spontaneous live performance to a kind of surprised but non the less delighted audience. But thats another story and maybe we’ll tell you another day...