The Great Park

"The Royal Canal" published on September 08, 2010 by Musikmob

We’ve seen him play live several times in the last two years. And every time he appears on stage it feels like travelling through an old English novel. There he sits: a bearded man clothed in linnen, at his feet an open notebook surrounded by b/w pictures. With a little smile around his mouth he starts singing and seems to be the narrator himself.

On this lovely day in spring we had the honour to film Stephen from The Great Park as well as his flat-mate Fee Reega (which will be published later). Both were going to play a show in the "Wärmehalle Süd" later that evening.
The place chosen for the shooting was the so called "Textilmarkt". We were more than happy when the lady from the textile-store allowed us to film inside - surrounded by little monsters, animals and sewn humans with too long extremities. It was a perfect fit! Thanks again to the lady from the textile-store and of course to Stephen & Fee!