Talking To Turtles

"Lobster’s Riot" published on September 13, 2010 by Musikmob

It was a cloudy late summer day in September when we teamed up with Leipzig based two-piece Talking To Turtles. With their old but lovely minibus we took a ride to the western part of the city, to find ourselves in a huge and vacant factory building. We somehow felt like kids, exploring a secret place we’re not supposed to go to. The building is all run down in an amazing way: Broken windows, scrap spread across the floor and walls packed with graffiti.

In the midst of all Claudia Göhler and Florian Sievers from Talking To Turtles fulfill the huge hall with the sound of just an accordion, a guitar and two voices telling the story about the fate of a poor lobster thrown in a cookig pot. Keeping their eyes glued to each other, the couple captures a small magic moment inside a large room.