Rue Royale

"Tell Me When You Go" published on July 06, 2010 by Musikmob

It all started in late January 2010 with a short message on our Twitter account: „We’re in Leipzig in a few weeks and would love to do a session with you if you see fit...“. The adressor was a band called Rue Royale. A quite remarkable name, which I knew I’d heard somewhere before... So after some internet research it turned out that they were in close contact to our friends and former Musikmob-protagonists from The Black Atlantic. So without wasting many thoughts we confirmed the shooting.

Their concert was in the „Noch Besser Leben“, one of the finest little venues of Leipzig, and we decided to make our little session before their show right in the locality, because nobody wanted to go back to the cold and snowy street we fortunately just had left a moment ago.

Retrospectively it was a perfect evening with a beautiful Musikmob session, meeting new people as well as old friends like Kim Janssen from The Black Atlantic, who to our surprise was touring with Rue Royale... and of course an amazing show right after the shooting. So take a look at the sovereign path our latest artists are taking.