Phoebe Kreutz

"Oh, Elizabeth I" published on February 24, 2012 by marcus

Phoebe was on her way through Leipzig playing a concert with the fabulous 'The Burning Hell'. In the morning after their gig we met up with the whole gang at a café on Leipzig's famous pub mile 'Karli'. The plan was to make a dream come true and do an acoustic session in this lovely ice cream parlor 'Pfeifer Eis' on the Kochstraße in Südvorstadt. So after having some breakfast we stroke off with Phoebe and her trumpet player Matt to the ice cream shop. It was the perfect spot: families, students and lovers sitting outside in the sun enjoying their ice cream. Inside the store it seemed like the time had stopped 60 years ago with all the beautiful GDR furniture, pale flowery wallpaper and still the same handmade ice cream as in the 50's. And inbetween Phoebe and Matt were telling their funny story about Elizabeth the first.