Long Voyage

"Let Go" published on April 02, 2014 by Marcus

You could ask: 'Wasn't there a better spot than filming in a restroom?' Then I would justify: 'Well, sometimes it's the weird places that have the best sound.' Which is true. But in fact in that moment it just felt right to film this session at that very place: the public toilet at Café Tabori in the west of Leipzig.
And there we were. Two persons. In a place where you actually don't wanna spend more time than necessary. Nicolas Huart with his guitar and me with the camera. Both with kind of the same story: Waking up from hibernation. On one side Nicolas with his project Long Voyage which had mistakenly pronounced dead a few months ago. Fortunately there were still small signs of life and Nicolas is slowly starting to reanimate the idea of Long Voyage. And on the other side me with ending a one year musikmob-hiatus on that very moment. Ironically the soundtrack of this small coming-back-to-life-party is called 'Let Go'. Well, that's life...