Kevin Devine

"Don’t Cry No Tears" & "She Stayed As Steam" published on August 01, 2010 by Musikmob

It was late december when we met Kevin Devine right before his concert, once again in the „Paris Syndrom“. Outside the first snow of the year was slowly falling down. The atmosphere in the building was filled with kind of busy activity, people arranging the room for Kevins performance later that night. At the entrance some quite early spectators already gathered, but had to wait until the preparations were finished. And within all this restlessness there was Kevin Devine, the calm and cautious center of the room. Although we obviously didn’t have too much time shooting some good material, he was very relaxed and obliging, helping us to present you guys this brand new and once again brilliant listening – and of course viewing – pleasure.

Good things will come to those who wait!