Coogans Bluff

’Things I Could Do’ published on November 04, 2014 by marcus

There are so many things you could do. Become a lawyer. A painter. An engineer. But what to do? What about asking Coogans Bluff what they think? The answer is the their catchy country song 'Things I could do' which tells you almost everything you need to know in life. Mhmmmm... I can almost taste the straw in my mouth while riding on the horse through the midwest. Yep, that's how a country song has to be. But if you expect an all through country band then don't startle when you listen to their recent record 'Gettin' Dizzy'. Cause it's not only getting dizzy, it's also getting much louder and much more rock'n roll but of course not less good.

This session and probably some more in the future are a collaboration with the nice people from Kristall-Magazin. A young and fresh online culture magazine. Go check it out!

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