Camilla Talks To Trees

"Your Wooden House" published on November 23, 2009 by musikmob

This time our shooting started with some bad news. We were just on our way to the arranged meeting point where we wanted to pick up our artist Carolin as the rain came down in sheets... Unfortunatly we had chosen a big park close to the centre of Leipzig as our location, so we obviously had to change all our plan... But it didn’t take us too long until we had decided that the Feinkost-area should be our new spot. This location – an old block of storage buildings in a multicoloured courtyard – turned out to be even a better place than the park could have ever been. And as Carolin showed up, started to play and enthused all of us with her incredible sound, we realized that the bad news earlier that day revealed to have become a stroke of luck... So check out our new material, we hope you’ll enjoy it.